PTFE coated fiberglass fabric cnkangtex

Item Code:cnkangtex Features:This product made of fiberglass fabric impregnated with emulsion of PTFE 。 Substrates:E-fiberglass , C-fiberglass, S-fiberglass , AR- fiberglass fabrics.
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1. Good heat and cold resistance ;(-196℃ to 300℃)
2. Smooth, non-stick surface ,self –cleaning properties.
3. Good resistance to many chemicals such as acid, alkali, aqua regia & various organic solvents;
4. Low friction, best choice for the oil-free lubrication
5. Good outdoor duration, span life up to 20 years
6. Outstanding electrical insulating property.
Applications :
1. Widely used in the fields of construction, aerospace, electronics, textile, food, medical & costumes
2. They can be used as structure membrane, wrapping of pipes, gasket, non-stick conveyor belts, high frequency CCL, insulation materials, flexible expansion joint low friction materials.
Width: 39.37 inch - 86.61 inch
Thickness: 7.09 mil - 59.06 mil
Weight: 5.90 oz/yd2 - 44.25 oz/yd2
Colors: white & black or customized

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Product Name:
PTFE coated fiberglass cloth
PTFE coated fiberglass cloth is made by impregnating in PTFE suspension quality E-glass cloth. The produce is a high performance and multiple use new composite product.
Product Name:
Structure membrane
Structure membrane made of fiberglass fabrics impregnated with PTFE or PVC and then coated with fluoride or silicon materials. Fiberglass: B grade, very fine fiberglass