3 Fiberglass Products Treating Process

    There are many things we need to do to make our fiberglass products suit for our customers. But we can’t put into practice if with the general fiberglass only. So there are many after-treatments with the  fiberglass products.
Such as:
Fiberglass fabrics dewaxing
    When producing fiberglass roving, we have treated with sizing and coupling agent. For some applications, we have to remove the sizing or other agents. So we dewax the sizing content, and we may just burn or we say heat treatment at 550 degrees centigrade or some other tempretures to make them less (these we may say make the Loss On Ignition less).
After treatment-special coating
    For some fiberglass products such as fiberglass mesh for outside wall, we treat with acrylic acid to make it good setting and anti alkali properties. For some products, we treat with rubber coating to have flame-retardant properties. We also have many other gel coatings.
Single filament coating
    For some fiberglass products, such as fiberglass screen, have treated the raw materials (the single fiberglass filament) with PVC, or some other resin, or something else.
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